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Rao Advisors is a firm dedicated to empowering you, the student aspiring to go to the US, with high-quality information so that you make all the right choices.

What is unique is that all of our online tips on our website are freeThis is our promise.  But free, in the current online world we live in, doesn't mean cheap!  On the contrary, free can actually mean world class!  If you have doubts, just look at Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo! and Twitter. Please note that we don’t represent a US college or university nor do we take commissions from anyone. We stand behind everything that we say.  Our services are 100% ethical and meet the highest standards of integrity in the education management business.

We launched this website because we wanted to give something back to the community.  Our founder, Rajkamal Rao, has been living and working in the United States for nearly 30 years.  Working with students has always been his passion.  Click here to know more about our founder. 

Our website is loaded with original content - enough content to fill a small book!  It contains our proprietary method to school selectionWe include several pointers to help you build a formidable campaign.  The site is heavily referenced using some of the world's best resources.  Our site is designed to be a logical, easy-to-follow but comprehensive, self-help guide.  We are confident that your odds of success are higher with our approach.  And because it doesn't cost you anything to try it, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  

The second reason we launched this site is that we believe that the current process that international students use to select US schools is sub-optimal. We think that in today's world,  students gratefully accept any school that offers admission - even if the school's tier is much lower than the student’s ability; or the school is a natural mismatch for the student's long-term career goals.   In effect, the only objective of a student today appears to be to enter the US somehow with the hope of figuring out details later.  [Click here to review our detailed assessment in this regard].

We think that there is a better wayWe can help you better build your personal brand.  And guide you to objectively look at market conditions in the US to better select a school. And provide you with tips to create such a strong application that you can actually demand more from the schools you are applying to.  We detail all of this in our 7-step approach.  

Our website also helps you track current trends across various areas including political, macro-economic, micro-economic, finance and higher education dimensions.  This is important because we want you to be aware of what is going on in the country you wish to go to.  But it is even more important because you can recalibrate your campaign to adjust to changing trends in the US.  We source our information from only the best publicly available outlets.  And our editorial comments come to you as a bonus.

We believe that for something as important as higher education, you need to be in charge of the entire processThis is not something that can be delegated to a third person.   In fact, this is our core belief.  You - and you alone - can build your personal brand.  You alone can select a school that is best for you.  And you alone are the best in creating an application package that has the best chance of success. 

We help you in two primary ways:
  1. Website:  The raoadvisors.com website is a unique site which contains accurate, timely and valuable information so that you can make all the right choices yourself when you are ready to apply to a school.  We agree with you that there is a lot of noise - in fact, too much information - out there.  Our job is to carefully distill out the noise and select the kind of information you will need.  And present our detailed methodology to you, in plain language illustrated with examples, so that you can make all the decisions. 

    This site, which will be professionally managed and moderated, will be free to all students.  
  2. Personal Advisory ServicesStudents often ask if they can engage with us for individual counseling sessions because they find the entire process overwhelming.  We are available to help you solve the mysteries around school selection, the admissions process, building your brand, strengthen your campaign or reviewing your application package.

    Individual counseling is part of the Premium Offering of Rao Advisors and involves a nominal fee.  Our promise of providing high-quality, ethical and responsive counseling extends to our Premium Offering as well. 
    Or contact us if you have questions.

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