The US Dominates Nobel Awards

By Rajkamal Rao 
Success breeds success. As of 2012, the US has won 48% of all Nobel Prizes in the sciences, medicine, and economics categories.  Granted, some of these Nobels were won in non-academic settings.  Or many of these winners were born in other countries but migrated to the US to pursue their research.  But if you go by the definition of nationality employed by the Nobel Foundation - citizenship at the time of award - the US has won 330 awards so far (includes prizes for peace and literature).  This is mind-boggling!

The graphic below shows US domination in Nobels:

America, as the land of immigrants, truly welcomes bright students from all over the world to continue to maintain the country's leadership in innovation.  Perhaps to even win the next Nobel.  Underscoring this point, Susan Hockfield, the president of MIT, said in a 2009 op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that "Of the nine people who shared this year's Nobel Prizes in chemistry, physics and medicine, eight are American citizens, a testament to this country's support for pioneering research. But those numbers disguise a more important story. Four of the American winners were born outside of the United States and only came here as graduate or post-doctoral students or as scientists. They came because our system of higher education and advanced research has been a magnet for creative talent."

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