Relocation to India - A Step by Step Approach

Relocation to India - A Step by Step Approach, at nearly 240 original pages, is a comprehensive practical guide - extensively researched for over 12 months - on how to relocate to India.

It is now available on Amazon for $6.99.  Amazon Prime customers can borrow the book for free.

The book is based on the experience of the author (and his family) who relocated to India after living in the United States for nearly 26 years. The family shipped to India all that they owned, rented out their US home, enrolled their 10 year old in school, bought a car and a motorcycle in India, signed a rental lease, received their shipment intact, signed up with service providers and launched not only their life but also a start up business during the six months they have lived in India.  In short, their transition to Indian living is complete.

You may be interested in this book if you are a person of Indian origin who has lived in the West for many years, and are seriously thinking about returning to India for good. But you are not sure if doing so is a good idea. The book devotes many pages to considering the dilemma of the Indian family settled in the west.

You may be interested if you are a slightly older child of such a family who would like to digest pros and cons of the relocation at your own pace rather than at the dining table when your parents are making important decisions that could have a profound impact on your life.

You may be interested if you are a freelance foreigner who has visited India previously but is now considering a temporary relocation to India for either work or pleasure.

Or if you manage the Global Mobility team of a global corporation fielding inquiries from your employees about potential expat opportunities or transfers to India. Or if you operate a business that educates clients about what to expect when they move their families to India.

Whatever may be the reason you are interested in moving to India, this book is a step-by-step guide which covers the entire life-cycle of the relocation - from your decision to move to physically relocating to India and transitioning to an India-based life.

In Chapter 3, the book takes stock of the differences in living between the United States and India. From air and water quality to zoning laws, e-commerce and cost of living, the book covers them all. This chapter is also a good primer for the foreigner who is planning a short-term relocation to India.

In Chapters 4, 5 and 6, the book reviews the basic considerations to support your potential relocation - both in the US and India. In Chapter 4, the book covers immigration, tax and financial matters. In Chapter 5, it debates the two primary sources of income in India - employment or small business. In Chapter 6, the book covers all aspects of your physical home including a detailed discussion of renting or buying your home in India.

Without a doubt, the most demanding and indeed, critical constituency we all have is our children. The book therefore includes an entire chapter - 7 - dedicated to education.

In Chapter 8, the book describes the planning and execution of the physical move itself. It addresses what things a family ought to ship to India and provides a primer on the value chain of international shipping. The book describes the moving list and calendar, the D-day activities when your shipment is picked up by your shipping agent and the period between D-Day and your departure day to India.

In Chapter 9, the book covers the first 90 days of your life in India as a new returnee or expat. Topics such as how you should procure ID cards and what necessary actions you need to take to start an active life in India are all covered. The author ends this chapter - and indeed the entire book - with a toast to everyone in the family who has successfully completed the relocation.

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