The US Education Experience is Unparalleled

By Rajkamal Rao 
The US higher education experience is truly unparalleled and significantly different from that of most international students during their undergraduate years:
  1. The US system focuses on team work and learning but also promotes an intensely entrepreneurial & competitive environment.  The school encourages you to do all you need to do to meet your goals;
  2. There is an extreme emphasis on ethics and mutual respect.  Students are made well aware that cheating of any kind is not permitted and if they are found cheating, they are subject to suspension or even dismissal;  [On Feb 1, 2013, Harvard University admitted that it has forced dozens of students to leave in its largest cheating scandal in memory.]
  3. US schools help promote modesty in all of its forms.  Being around highly distinguished faculty - who are often leaders in their fields –is a constant reminder that there are people much smarter than you and that success is largely because of perspiration (to borrow Einstein's famous quote);
  4. The US school makes you communicate better:  It is not good enough that you have an original idea.  It is even more important to sell it to skeptics and win them over.  And communication includes the essential art of being able to listen better;
  5. Most schools support career opportunity centers and alumni associations so that your relationship doesn't end when you turn in your final exam paper.  On the contrary, your long association with your school begins to strengthen from that point onwards;
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