Promising Opportunities in Robotics & High Tech Manufacturing

By Rajkamal Rao 

If you are interested in a career in robotics and/or the design/engineering/manufacturing of highly automated tools to bring down the cost of manufacturing, you may have a bright future in the United States.

The American media is covering this topic for two reasons:  it demonstrates the technical superiority of American innovation and it shows how the problem of unemployment in the US is real.  Consider this fact:  in 2011, the US returned to its 2007 GDP after a protracted recession but did so with 14.5 million fewer workers!  A combination of high tech manufacturing and outsourcing has caused America to produce the same output with less leaving behind millions of unemployed people.

We present several authoritative references to drive home our point:
  1. This is must see video (Jan 12, 2013) from the venerable CBS news magazine 60 Minutes:  Are robots hurting job growth?
  2. This is an excellent article (Aug 18, 2012) by John Markoff in the New York Times: Skilled Work, Without the Worker.
  3. This is a superb, easy-to-read article (Jan/Feb 2012) about the future of American manufacturing in the Atlantic Monthly by Adam Davidson, a rising star in the media for being able to explain complex concepts in simple language:  Making It in America.
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