U.S. Colleges Seek More Foreign Students To Help Bottom Line

This is one more story which stresses how important international students are to US schools.  So, aim higher.  Demand more and get into the right school!

U.S. Colleges Seek More Foreign Students To Help Bottom Line

Freshman applications to many U.S. colleges and universities are rising this year, fueled by a surge of international students, even as costs increase and the number of U.S. high school graduates declines.

At Tufts University, international applications climbed 12 percent from a year ago and have more than doubled since 2004. The number of foreign students seeking admission to the University of California, Berkeley jumped about 22 percent this year, while the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League member, reported a 38 percent increase since 2010.

U.S. universities are searching overseas to fill slots with more students who can pay full tuition as the pool of domestic prospects declines and the annual cost to attend at some private colleges tops $60,000. Schools are boosting their recruiting staffs and travel budgets to pursue more international applicants.

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