Another example to illustrate 4a and 4b

By Rajkamal Rao 

Go back to Step 4: Identify Occupations in Demand and Industries that are Trending Upward

Another example to illustrate 4a and 4b. 

Suppose “Computer Systems Analyst” was one of your 7 occupations in 4a.  You would open the following sheet:

For this sheet, sorting columns I and J from greatest to least indicating the top 3 highest expected growth of jobs and changes in employment, by industry, would result in:

  1. Management, scientific, and technical consulting services - 57.7%; 10,200 jobs
  2. Computer systems design and related services - 43.1%; 58,300 jobs
  3. Professional, scientific, and technical services; 40.8%; 74,200 jobs
These would form three target industries for one of your occupations. Repeat this exercise for the other six occupations until you have about twenty industries from which you can choose the top 7. Your statement of purpose, personal branding and marketing campaign will have to focus on these seven occupations and industries.

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