Pay attention to your final year project

By Rajkamal Rao 

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6. Pay attention to your final year project.   Your final year project matters because this is one more way you can differentiate yourself.  Select a project which is consistent with your five-year plan.  And work really hard at it.  Outcomes are less important but the process of learning is.  Don’t exaggerate claims but don’t be needlessly modest either.

The executive summary of your project report can form an outstanding supporting document in your application package.  You must introduce the reader to this in your SOP so that they know where to look.  In the summary, provide a web link at the end to where the admissions committee can download the entire project report, if they are interested.  Test the link multiple times and make sure that it can be accessed during the admissions process.  A dead link can be a huge turn off for the committee! 

If you are good in front of a camera, consider including a Youtube video link so that you can showcase your accomplishments with a visual demo of your project.  But be careful here - if you make mistakes in front of a camera, you may end up diluting your brand.

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