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Rao Advisors is a firm dedicated to empowering you, the student aspiring to go to the United States, with high-quality information so that you can make all the right choices.  What is unique is that all of the firm's online services are FREE.  This is our promise. 

Please note that we don’t represent a US college or university nor do we take commissions from anyone. We stand behind everything that we say.  Our services are 100% ethical and meet the highest standards of integrity in the education management business.

The firm's website - www.raoadvisors.com - is a popular destination continuing to receive hits from all over the world including India, the US, China, Germany, Russia, the UK, Malaysia, Ukraine, Israel, Canada, Sweden and Poland.

The current state is sub-optimal

The firm believes that the current process that international students use to select US schools is sub-optimal. The firm's founder, Rajkamal Rao, lived and worked in the United States for 26 years before starting this initiative to give something back to the community.   He thinks that in today's world, a student gratefully accepts any school that offers admission - even if the school's tier is much lower than the student’s natural ability; or the school is a natural mismatch for the student's long-term career goals.   In effect, the only objective of a student today appears to be to enter the US somehow with the hope of figuring out details later.

But we have seen the pain that international students undergo because of such a  "shoot-from-the hip" approach:  the frustration in not getting an appropriate internship or job;  worse, accepting a career that has little relevance to the degree earned in the United States.  In effect, the Return on Investment (ROI) turns out to be much lower than expected.

The truth is that the United States is a complex country where opportunities are uneven.  An international student from a lower-ranked school in one state is able to find multiple jobs after graduation; another from a higher-ranked school in a different state struggles to find even an internship and may well be forced to return to his/her country in frustration.  We are not making this up.  We document stories of international students from elite schools such as Columbia and Purdue who are finding it difficult to obtain internships and jobs.  These students blame US immigration laws that have a bias against hiring international students but the real reasons are more complex.  For example, we know of students from a much lower-ranked University of Texas in Arlington who have multiple jobs with offers to sponsor them for H-1Bs visas. 

There's a better way

Our proprietary method is actually rather simple in concept and based on implementing an elegant law of economics:  Supply and Demand.  Our approach is based on helping students better build their personal brand.  And guide them to objectively look at market conditions in the US to better select a school. And to provide students with numerous tips to create such a strong application that they can actually demand more from the schools they are applying to.  We detail all of this on our website. 

What is unique about our method?  We mine publicly-available data to create opportunities for students to select the right school and, in special cases, to re-brand their profiles to meet changing needs on the ground.  We believe that a school's responsibility is not only to provide an excellent education but also to empower the student to have a reasonable chance of pursuing an appropriate career after graduation - given all the constraints an international student faces.  To us, school rankings are less important; but state macro economic conditions, industry trends and career opportunities are.  

We are big believers in using data put out by US government agencies whenever we can, because the information is world class, accurate, reliable and best of all - FREE.  The US government spends billions of dollars in collecting, filtering, analyzing and publishing information. The private economy all over the world relies on information published by the US government for these very reasons.  Wall Street uses government numbers to make minute adjustments to its strategy of buying, selling and dealing.  Farmers use Department of Agriculture data for all things related to the growing cycle.  US consumers rarely buy a drug that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  Information from the National Weather Service is used by broadcast and print media all over the country - and even abroad.

This is why we tailor US government data to the needs of the international student - throughout our 7-step method.  For example:
  1. In Step 3, we rely on Local Area Unemployment Statistics of the US Department of Labor and GDP growth data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis at the US Department of Commerce.
  2. In Step 4, we use the Occupational Handbook page of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  3. In Step 5, we leverage the US Department of Education's College Navigator.asdfga

The second thing that makes us unique is that we track current trends from public information sources that we identify, make arguments for or against them, draw conclusions and provide counsel. We believe that students should better understand a complex, dynamic country such as the United States and much like an airplane in flight, make minute adjustments to flight plans to be successful.

The firm also conducts free town halls and lectures to help educate students in their quest to go to the United States. For a full event schedule, please click here.

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