In-School Seminar Curriculum

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Here is a full list of seminar courses we offer at institutions.

Indian students currently in post secondary schools, studying in Class X, XI and XII are good candidates for our Undergraduate Seminars.  These are typically held one hour a week for about 5 weeks.  Seminars are highly interactive and are laden with practical examples and tips.

Indian students currently in college and planning Masters or Ph.D degrees in the US are good candidates for our Graduate Seminars.  Course details are listed at the bottom of this page.  These seminars are typically held in two sessions of 3 hours each.  Seminars are highly interactive and are laden with practical examples and tips.  A single student's profile is considered and the full school/course selection process is demonstrated live so that seminar students can follow along.

If you are a student and believe that your institution can benefit from this program, please have your institution's placement Director or Principal contact us.

Undergraduate Seminars - offered to Indian Class X, XI and XII students

Graduate Seminars - offered to Indian students graduating with BS/B.Com/BE/BBM degrees


  1. How to register for these seminars?

  2. Dear Mr. Kishore Kumar - These are only offered on campus, so please check with your college or university if they have already established a partnership with us. Or you may call us and we can try to fit you in to a nearby seminar at a college that has such a partnership. Thanks.


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