College Timelines

By Rajkamal Rao  

It is never too early to plan for college.  As early as the 9th grade, it is a good idea to get an account on the Coalition App, a new way to apply to colleges (and a competitor to the traditional Common Ap).  Here you can start documenting your brag sheet - a list of achievements that you will someday share with your college admissions office.

As early as the 9th grade, you can start taking AP courses on your own and creating a course plan for the 11th and 12th grades.  You can also review your extra curricular activities to follow the spike method - concentrate on only a few which make sense to you rather than try to be a jack of all activities.

We have developed the following chart to help you plan activities in your busy 11th and 12th grades.

Source:  Rao Advisors
For a comprehensive timeline, visit the Khan Academy or the College Board.

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