College Camps

We believe that expanding college awareness in high school is essential.

High school counseling teams are stretched.  According to the US Department of Education, each public school counselor is responsible for 476 students, on average.

Our School-to-College camps are designed to help teenagers (7th - 11th graders) learn everything about getting into US colleges  - in a fun way through games, activities, mini-projects and quizzes centered on the college theme.   Camp is a perfect place to learn "Do-It-Yourself" skills about one of the most important decisions a teenager makes.  See below for a typical 5-day camp schedule.

"All About College" Summer Camp, Jul 1 - July 5, 2019 at the Frisco Athletic Center (FAC)

Please register at the Frisco Perfectmind site or call FAC at (972) 292-6600, and mention Course ID: 00015622. This is a 4-day camp because of the July 4 holiday. All activities of the 5-day camp will be accommodated into the 4-day camp which meets for an extra 30 minutes each day. The cost is $250 per child.

Camp Agenda (5 Days; 3 hours/day)

Fun Activities List (not all activities offered in all camps)
  1. Words building of college names
  2. Memory game
  3. Discovery game
  4. Branding game
  5. ONET profiler
  6. Finding careers based on ONET profiles
  7. Finding more about select careers from ONET
  8. Finding hot careers from BLS OOH website
  9. Final Jeopardy Quiz on College Facts through College Navigator Search
  10. Quiz on Scholarship Search
  11. Quiz on Financial Aid (FAFSA)
  12. High School course planning activity 
  13. Quiz on studying abroad (for example, Germany)
  14. Quiz on transferring from 2-year to 4-year college (articulation)
  15. Quiz on estimating college acceptance
  16. Visiting your favorite campus online
  17. Final Case study

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