Our 7 Steps To Improve ROI - For Undergrads


By Rajkamal Rao  

We believe that there's a much better way to prepare, plan and market yourself so that you can go to the right US school.  This involves having a laser-like focus on what you have to do to improve Return on Investment (ROI).

We identify seven steps.

  1. Define Your Brand & Decide What You Want.  A student who knows what he wants to study and concentrates on a defined path is more likely to graduate in 4 years, thereby improving ROI.   

  2. Identify Occupations in Demand and Industries that are Trending Upward.  Finding occupations and industry combinations that are in demand - and tailoring profiles, if necessary, to pursue an appropriate education - will improve ROI. 

  3. Choose Your Target States by Better Understanding the US Economy.  Students who graduate from states with low unemployment rates and high GDP growth statistics have a better chance of obtaining internships and jobs in a timely manner, thereby improving ROI.  Selecting colleges in these states is an excellent way to approach college selection.

  4. Understand how colleges work so that you can avoid those with low ROI.  You will quickly notice that Step 3 still gives you too many college choices and we need additional, objective filters to exclude some unworthy institutions so that we can narrow our list down. 

  5. Keep a laser-like focus on costs

  6. School Rankings Matter Less Than You Imagine, So Think Different.  Choosing schools simply because they rank high on some static lists is not a good idea.  There are modern, outcome based rankings which make more sense.  The best ranking system is one that you can develop for yourself based on criteria that are unique to you.

  7. If you can qualify, take advantage of the many private college offers for low and middle-income families

A Note About Rao Advisors Premium Services
Our promise is to empower you with as much high-quality, ethical and free advice as is possible via this website.  But parents and students often ask us if they can engage with us for individual counseling sessions.

Individual counseling is part of the Premium Offering of Rao Advisors and involves a fee.  Please  contact us for more information.

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