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Sending children away to college is one of the most important, but stressful, milestones for a parent. With more and more students applying to the nation's top colleges, it is becoming increasingly harder to get in.  The top 12 colleges accepted just 1 applicant in 10, some, even fewer.

Our lead counselor, Rajkamal Rao, is an expert on higher education.  His course, "School to College", an innovative ½ credit elective for high school students, launched in the State of Washington on the Red Comet online platform in January 2018.  He is an active public speaker conducting awareness seminars on higher education and student camps both in the United States and India.  His higher education webinars are broadcast live to Indian engineering colleges belonging to the IUCEE consortium.  He has written a book on college selection, available on Amazon - College Selection the Smart WayHis courses on college selection and financial planning are on Udemy, the world's largest online learning and teaching marketplace with over 15 million students.

We excel in educating parents about the many changes that are occurring in the nation's higher education scene including typically addressing topics such as:  What are acceptance rates and yields?  What are the recent trends in college admissions?  What makes a student profile?  What factors are important in college admissions decisions?  Why is high school course planning critical?  How can we rethink extracurricular activities?  How can families make college more affordable?  What should families know about financial aid?

We hope that you can join the hundreds of families who have engaged with us as clients or attended our seminars.  Children from these families have won admission to top universities in the US. This year alone, our graduate students entered such reputed institutions as the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, University of Illinois-Urbana, Texas A & M, University of  Utah, University of Minnesota, U-Mass (Amherst), USC, North Carolina State University, Arizona State and Virginia Tech.

The nation's universities, including top institutions, know that bright students and families visit our website to get free, quality information about all things college.  This is why they advertise on our website!  To date, our website has attracted over 150,000 hits from users worldwide.  People also follow us on Facebook for regular updates about everything college.

Please contact us with questions.

Our Seminars
City governments in Dallas regularly host our seminars. We're delighted to continue to serve the City of Frisco, since 2017. We have also conducted sessions in the cities of Plano, Southlake, Coppell and Bedford.

We conduct two basic seminars.  Class 1 is dedicated to elite college admissions and planning.  Class 2 is dedicated to college financial planning.  Both of our seminars are ideal for parents of 7th - 11th graders, although 12th grade parents are welcome too.  See below for a selection of topics covered.

We also conduct seminars in local communities.  Topics for these are chosen by the community leader and these are specifically identified in dedicated fliers.

What topics are typically covered?
How To Help Your Student Get Into Elite Colleges

Learn what top schools are looking for and how students should better plan their high school years to have a shot at getting into the nation's top 100 colleges. 
  1. Elite colleges by the numbers
  2. College acceptance rates & yields       
  3. The Top 80 Colleges by selectivity       
  4. What makes a student profile
  5. Typical profile of an Ivy League student   
  6. Factors in the admissions decision
  7. Why the new TEA guidelines are excellent
  8. Why High School course planning is critical
  9. How to strengthen student curriculum   
  10. All about admissions tests           
  11. Rethinking Extracurricular activities   
  12. Modern tools to organize student portfolio
  13. Selecting colleges using SAT cutoff
  14. Essay tips           
  15. ED, EA or Regular Decision                    

College Financial Planning - All You Ever Wanted to Know

Learn everything you wanted to know about financial planning for your child's college education.  You will discover various tricks to cut costs and improve returns on your college investment.
  1. College credits as currency
  2. Behind the scenes - how colleges work
  3. Roles of tuition, endowments, state aid and research funds 
  4. Understanding college costs
  5. Calculating Return on College Investment (ROI)
  6. Understanding Net Price
  7. Mapping growing careers to college degrees
  8. College selection using outcome based techniques
  9. Four ways to lower college costs
  10. Case studies to illustrate ROI
  11. Types of Financial Aid - EFCs, Grants, Scholarships, Loans and Work Study
  12. All about FAFSA

Questions which have been discussed in prior sessions
We have fielded varied questions and the list is constantly growing.   When questions are repeatedly asked of the same topic, we update our standard presentation material.
  1. How do we define a student’s interests and develop a personal brand?
  2. Which high school courses/tracks/endorsements/DLAs/PA’s should we aim for?
  3. What are dual credit courses and what are the benefits?
  4. pSAT/SAT/ACT/All? When?
  5. Should I send my child to a test-prep academy for the SAT/ACT?
  6. How important is the PSAT-11?
  7. Should I take SAT-II (Subject)? When?
  8. What is the difference between unweighted and weighted GPAs?
  9. My friend's school district uses a more generous scale of GPA bonus weights. Is this fair to me? 
  10. How important is class rank for college admissions?
  11. If Naviance sends out unweighted GPA scores to colleges, how will colleges know that I took tough courses?
  12. What's the college pricing ladder?
  13. What's the difference between counselor and teacher recommendations?
  14. What's my chance of obtaining a merit scholarship in college?
  15. AP/IB/Both? When? How many AP courses?
  16. What is AP Capstone and why is it so popular?
  17. How to develop a brag sheet?
  18. How do we balance work experience/internship/extracurricular activities into the student profile?
  19. How do we exploit the Coalition’s free tools?
  20. What are key planning milestones, grades 9 – 12? 
  21. Which states/regions to avoid because co-op/internship chances may be fewer?
  22. Why may an out of state private college be less expensive than studying in-state?
  23. How much should we rely on college rankings?
  24. Which reputed resources are the best to conduct college research?
  25. Which types of colleges should we avoid?
  26. What are three innovative ways to lower college costs?
  27. How do we group colleges into Dream, Core, and Safe buckets?
  28. What selection factors are relevant to finalizing colleges?
  29. What’s the difference between Subjective & Objective pieces of an application?
  30. How do we analyze Net Price Estimates?
  31. How do we conduct scholarship searches?
  32. From whom should we get recommendation letters?
  33. How do we maximize the potential of a LinkedIn profile?
  34. Common App or Universal College App or Coalition App or individual college app?
  35. What application strategies should we employ - Rolling, EA or ED?
  36. What modern tools can we use to predict and improve college acceptance?
  37. What online tools can we leverage to visit schools?
  38. How do you prepare for campus visits?
  39. How can we help you successfully write winning college essays?
  40. What social networking tools can we employ to learn about others’ profiles?
  41. How does America pay for college?
  42. How to leverage new FAFSA rules, including the IRS Data Retrieval Tool?
  43. How to take advantage of federal tax credits and deductions?
  44. How to avoid making common mistakes throughout the process? 
  45. How expensive are professional counselors?
  46. How many times should I take the SAT/ACT?
  47. How do you prepare teenage children for the summer vacation?
  48. How important is the STAAR test? 
  49. How do you prepare for AP Physics? 
  50. How do we fine-tune our teenager's high school course roadmap?
  51. Why are Advanced Placement (AP) Courses So Important? 
  52. Is taking a dual credit course a good idea? 
  53. How to improve strength of high school curriculum?
  54. Is an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma a good choice?
  55. Does a "good" school district mean your high school student will be successful?
  56. How to interpret PSAT-11 scores for National Merit Scholarships?
  57. Should High School Students Audit a Class?
  58. Can you give us a primer on College Essays?
  59. How do you send transcripts to colleges? 

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