College Q&A In Your Community (or Living Room)!

By Rajkamal Rao  

Remember Radio Shack and its famous tagline for years?  "You've got questions and we've got answers!"

When it comes to questions high school families have about college, we feel that we're like the experts at Radio Shack.  But rather than have you go to the store, we would love to come to you.  To your HOA community hall.  Even to your living room.

Just invite a few friends and neighbors who have the same pressing questions about college - how to get high school students ready for college; fundamentals of US college admissions; field of study research; what top colleges look for in high school students; college selection strategies, the college admissions cycle and college financial planning - really, any topic about college.

And we will answer them for you.  For up to 2 hours.  Because you're among friends, we have found that the debate and discussions are valuable.  We have already conducted such sessions in Houston, Frisco and McKinney - many of the parents are now part of our expanding WhatsApp community of college-bound families.

Our rates are very reasonable:  $45 per couple; $25 per single adult; $15 per teenage student.  If anyone is not happy with the session - for whatever reason -  we will refund the fee with a smile and a handshake.  No questions asked.

Why are these sessions effective and efficient?  Nearly 80% of the questions which families have are generic and have little to do with the specific circumstances of your high school teenager.  Why would you want to schedule an expensive private one-on-one session for your child to have these generic questions answered?  Community events such as these significantly lower your costs and raise your awareness.  This is why our parent seminars have been so popular.  This is why cities such as Frisco regularly hire us to conduct them.

To keep the group manageable, we will restrict attendance to ~16 individuals.  And we will pay for light snacks.  If the meeting is held in your living room, we thank you for your hospitality.  We will also reimburse you for reasonable cleaning charges.

If you are interested to explore this idea for your neighborhood, please fill out this form.  If you don't like forms, we get it!  Please contact us.   Either way, we will come back to you promptly.

A Note About Rao Advisors Premium Services
Our promise is to empower you with high-quality, ethical and free advice via this website.  But parents and students often ask us if they can engage with us for individual counseling sessions.

Individual counseling is part of the Premium Offering of Rao Advisors and involves a fee.  Please  contact us for more information.

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