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By Rajkamal Rao  

Based on numerous client requests, we're planning to pilot a Facebook Paid Online event for SAT Math Practice in March 2021.

If the pilot is successful, we intend to kick off a full-court series of math practice Paid Online events in the summer to prepare students for the Aug SAT, the Sep ACT, and for rising juniors, to prepare for the all-important PSAT-11 in October.

The events will be moderated and taught by Rajkamal Rao, and Jatin Rao, an experienced test taker who is a student at the Canfield Business Honors program at the University of Texas at Austin. Jatin is a 2019 NMS Finalist awardee who also earned a perfect ACT Math score and a 790 in SAT Math. 

The approximately 75-min event will each consist of four parts:

1. A fundamental review of the topic at hand (for example, Heart of Algebra)

2. 12 timed SAT-practice questions that students will take live during the event

3. A detailed segment when we demonstrate the solution to each practice question

4. Wrap-up and a homework assignment to direct students to practice the same topic on Khan Academy

Are you interested in paying a nominal fee (under $10/session) for such an online event?

Please let us know with a simple "Yes" or "No" anonymous response. Thank you!

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