US Trends


By Rajkamal Rao 

In this section, we give you important information about current US trends so that you can better retool your campaign.  We are very selective in what we post here.  This section will be valuable to you right until the time you leave for the United States.

We update this section regularly, so please keep coming back to check our new posts.  Or subscribe to our RSS feeds on the home page. Once you subscribe with the RSS reader of your choice, new articles will automatically appear allowing you to click on those that interest you to read the full content.

We classify trends into four categories which closely map to our proprietary approach.  Some of the links below will take you to sites external to, so please open links in a new tab or window.

  1. Trends about US Universities
  2. Trends related to the US Economy, Jobs, Innovation and Industry Demand
  3. Trends related to Defining Your Brand and School Rankings
  4. Trends related to School Selection and Finalizing Your Application

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