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Rajkamal Rao is a senior results-driven strategy, management & technology professional with 17 years of experience at Big-4 business consulting firms, and 7 years of experience in high-technology manufacturing.  A US Citizen with OCI privileges to live and work in India, he splits his time between the two countries.

Mr. Rao now heads Rao Advisors, a firm to counsel students aspiring to study in the US maximize their return on investment.   He lives with his wife and son.  He may be contacted at

Professional Experience
Mr. Rao has on-site consulting and executive-level client management experience at the world’s largest organizations including the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Wells Fargo, GMAC, Hertz, GM, VeriSign, 53 Bank, US DOT, AT&T, NCUA, TSA, Qwest, Bezeq (Israel) and Swisscom.  He has worked around the world including Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Israel, China and Japan. His most recent position was with PwC, the world's second-largest business consulting firm, where he worked as a Director in the Financial Services Advisory practice, based out of Dallas.  He is cleared by the US Government at Security Level-2, courtesy of the US Office of Personnel Management.

Early Years
Mr. Rao was born and bred in Bangalore.  A product of National High School and National College, he graduated with a BE degree in Mechanical Engineering from BMS College.  Even as a student, he had a passion for helping students.  In 1981, as a second year engineering student, he joined two other friends in expanding free mathematics coaching for SSLC and II PUC students.  By 1985, he was tutoring students in engineering subjects as well. 

In 1986, he went to Villanova University on a full scholarship.  After earning a Masters in Mechanical Engineering degree there, he worked as a Robotics and CNC engineer for nearly 6 years at one of the largest roller bearing manufacturers in the US.  In 1994, he entered Carnegie Mellon University and graduated with an MBA, Magna Cum Laude - specializing in Strategy, Marketing and Information Systems.  In 2007, Mr. Rao completed a Certificate Course in Executive Education at the Yale School of Management. 

Media Accomplishments
Mr. Rao has written three books, all available on Amazon - Relocating to India; A Step by Step Guide; The New H-1B/STEM Provisions: How the US Senate Continues to Undermine American Competitiveness; and a children's fiction book on exploring Kashmir - Adventure in the Kashmir Valley.
In 2013, Mr. Rao participated in the consulting firm McKinsey's global essay competition, "Reimagining India".  His submission was the winning entry for the topic: "How can “innovation capitalism” drive India’s technological and economic development?"

Mr. Rao frequently writes for The Hindu BusinessLine, India's largest financial newspaper.  Click here for an archive of his opinion pieces.  He also writes a regular column, "World View", for the paper's online portal for MBA students.  He is frequently quoted in the press on matters related to his areas of expertise.

Mr. Rao is an avid sports fan and covers sports events for All India Radio as a correspondent.  Click here for a list of his archived broadcasts.

He also runs a blog - - on the topic of his first book. 

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