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Our proprietary method is based on implementing an elegant law of economics:  Supply and Demand.  Our approach is based on helping students better build their personal brand.  And guide them to objectively look at market conditions in the US to better select a school. And to provide students with numerous tips to create such a strong application that they can actually demand more from the schools they are applying to.  We detail all of this on our website. 

What is unique about our method?  We mine publicly-available data and leverage our knowledge of the United States to create opportunities for students to select the right school and, in special cases, to re-brand their profiles to meet changing needs on the ground.  For example, our Core-4 approach for high-school students exploits articulation agreements that American Community Colleges enter into with famous four-year branded institutions. 

We believe that a school's responsibility is not only to provide an excellent education but also to empower the student to have a reasonable chance of pursuing an appropriate career after graduation - given all the constraints an international student faces.  To us, school rankings are less important; but state macro economic conditions, industry trends and career opportunities are.  

We are big believers in using data put out by US government agencies whenever we can, because the information is world class, accurate, reliable and best of all - FREE.  The US government spends billions of dollars in collecting, filtering, analyzing and publishing information. The private economy all over the world relies on information published by the US government for these very reasons.  Wall Street uses government numbers to make minute adjustments to its strategy of buying, selling and dealing.  Farmers use Department of Agriculture data for all things related to the growing cycle.  US consumers rarely buy a drug that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  Information from the National Weather Service is used by broadcast and print media all over the country - and even abroad.

This is why we tailor US government data to the needs of the international student - throughout our 7-step method.  For example:
  1. In Step 3, we rely on Local Area Unemployment Statistics of the US Department of Labor and GDP growth data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis at the US Department of Commerce.
  2. In Step 4, we use the Occupational Handbook page of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  3. In Step 5, we leverage the US Department of Education's College Navigator.asdfga
The second thing that makes us unique is that we track current trends from public information sources that we identify, make arguments for or against them, draw conclusions and provide counsel. We believe that students should better understand a complex, dynamic country such as the United States and much like an airplane in flight, make minute adjustments to flight plans to be successful.

Third, your counselor needs to have the experience, education and skills to serve you.  Our founder and lead counselor, Rajkamal Rao, has been living in the US for over 30 years.  He earned two Masters degrees from the US including an MBA from a top school.  He followed his education with 17 years of Management Consulting experience at some of the largest firms in the world - including KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Click here to know more about Rajkamal Rao.

We are the only education counseling firm in the world where the founder and lead counselor is also an accomplished writer/columnist.  In 2013, Mr. Rao participated in the consulting firm McKinsey's global essay competition and won first prize.  He frequently writes for The Hindu BusinessLine, India's second largest financial newspaper.  Click here for an archive of his opinion pieces.   He writes a regular column, "World View", for the paper's online portal for MBA students.  He has also written four books all available on Amazon.

As more students seek admission to US schools, their Statements of Purpose and essays become ever so more important.  Mr. Rao personally reviews every essay that is submitted and provides valuable feedback to students to improve their essays.  

Fourth, we publish all of this know-how, our approach, our tools and information sources at www.raoadvisors.com for FREE. We back everything we say.  There are no surprises.  This is why our website is popular all over the world getting hits from India, the US, China, the UK, Germany, Malaysia, Russia, France, Israel and Canada.

Fifth, our counsel under the fee-based Premium Services umbrella is 100% unbiased and unvarnished.  We neither represent a university nor do we take commissions from anyone.  We don't encourage students to get into "safe schools" which are lower than the students' natural abilities.  We don't use school rankings as a simple way to select schools.  Our approach to help select a state, university and field of study is very methodical and therefore, comprehensive.  Our counseling session doesn't end until the student is convinced that our approach has resulted in a near-optimum school set based on return on investment and other considerations of importance to the student.

Sixth, we conduct our popular awareness seminars and camps for both parents and high school students.  We primarily target parents of 9th to 11th grade children - parents, who are considering college for the first time. We believe that there is so much information out there that many parents are confused or ill-prepared to ask the right questions.

Seventh, under Premium Services, we provide access to all of the above analysis specifically tailored to the counseled student - via the cloud - so that the student can then use it to further build his/her school planning workbook.  
Finally, we are a full-service provider.  All of our offerings are designed to work well with each other. For example, our Advanced Premium Services (APS) program has been developed to help an institution add a program to provide higher education counseling to its in-house training services portfolio, a program that is designed to the institution's guidelines, subject to the institution's quality standards and under its governance.  The objective is to bring various degrees of awareness to institutions, students, parents, faculty, teachers and placement coordinators about how best to select a US school and field of study without the pressure of being subjected to biased advice.

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