Problems of Int'l Students


By Rajkamal Rao 

We believe that as more international students seek to go to the US for higher education, they are increasingly getting a bad deal.  They end up making many wrong choices - throughout the admissions process - that will affect them throughout their career.  In effect, the return they get on their hard-earned investment is poor.  We will show you why this is the case and give you detailed  information - all for free - to help you be more successful.

We are management consultants by training and the first step in trying to solve a problem - in this case, the problem is that international students are getting a bad deal on their investment - is to identify its root causes.
  1. International Students' Return on Investment (ROI) on US Education is Low
  2. Common Mistakes of Students During the Application Process
  3. How an International Student Currently Gathers Information About US schools
  4. Commission-Based Recruiting Agencies Lower Student ROI 
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