Our 7-Step Method


By Rajkamal Rao 

We believe that there's a much better way to prepare, plan and market yourself so that you can go to the right US school.  And avoid many of the issues we have outlined in other posts on this blog.

There are seven crucial things you have to do to succeed.  Yes, these steps take some effort but we are confident that your rewards - not just in school, but after your graduate abroad - will be higher.  In many ways, we are advising you to completely change your mindset about the entire process .  Our approach combines traditional, old-world methods (when Indians went to elite US schools in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's and became one of the most successful ethnic groups in the country) with modern technology to help improve your chance of getting into the right school.  We show you how to better define your personal brand, choose the right school based on detailed US macroeconomic and micro economic analyses, and create a killer application package that will help you demand more from your school.

But first, we must remind you that our 7-Step approach constitutes the all-important "Strategy" part of the whole process.  What do we mean by strategy?  The Businessdictionary.com website defines Strategy as "a method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem".  This is what the Rao Advisors 7-Step approach focuses on.

And then, there are execution and operational details, such as arranging finances; obtaining a student visa; and buying airline tickets.  We don't cover these important - though mundane - items on our site.  We leave these details to an outstanding website - EducationUSA.info - sponsored by the US Department of State.   

The image on the right is taken from the EducationUSA website.  Notice that the full life cycle of going to the US as a student - from ideation to landing on the ground in the US - consists of five mega steps.  The first step, "Research Your Options" is what we call Strategy.  This is where we come in.  For the remaining four mega steps which are more "Execution" in nature, we suggest that you return to the advice specified on the EducationUSA website.  This service operates in 170 countries.  You can even talk to professional advisers of EducationUSA for advice on timelines and required tests; the visa process and a transition to US life. 

Our 7-Step Approach

If you have the time and the aptitude, you will never need to spend a single dime (or whatever your local currency is) for consultant/advisory services throughout the process.  You could just use our website (and its recommended links) and EducationUSA to do it all yourself.  We will show you how through our 7-step approach:
  1. Step 1: Prepare Better. Define Your Brand & Decide What You Want
    a t
  2. Step 2: School Rankings Matter Less Than You Imagine, So Think Different

  3. Step 3: Choose Your Target States by Better Understanding the US Economy, (updated to include the latest unemployment data from BLS)asasdfa

  4. Step 4: Identify Occupations in Demand and Industries that are Trending Upward

  5. Step 5: Review School Selection Factors, Including Financial Considerationsasdfa

  6. Step 6: Finalize the List of Schools

  7. Step 7: Finalize your Application
We have often stressed that many things in the online world - including our own website - continue to be excellent and free!  In fact, we have created a separate page which summarizes all the FREE links for you.

A US president once said that what plagues American elementary and high school education is the “soft bigotry of low expectations”.

This message is also so apt for the ambitious foreign student wanting to enter the United States.  Please don't accept sub-standard or mismatched schools.  You are paying a lot of money - often committing the savings of loving parents or even borrowing in their name - to get a shot at a better future.  So, demand to get into the right school.  Aim higher. And increase your Return on Investment.

We are glad you are here. 

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