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We promise to be not only responsive but also to provide you with outstanding service.

To schedule a 1-hour counseling session with Rajkamal Rao, our Managing Director, please click here.  This tool automatically checks Mr. Rao's calendar and confirms an open slot that is convenient for you.

Please contact us on WhatsApp.

Or by email at Email is our second preferred way to reach us.

Mobile:  +1.682.772.8749 (Direct global phone, plus SMS and iMessages)
Mobile: +1.424.272.5726 (Direct global phone, plus SMS and Messages)
Mobile:  +1.682.330.2043 (Backup direct global phone, plus SMS and iMessages)
Phone: +1.817.571.8346 (Not preferred - limited availability)
India Office:  +91.99455.15987 (Calls, plus SMS)

(We screen for robot calls - so please leave a message and we will get back to you)

Fax:   +1.267.545.3322
Twitter:  @rajkamalrao
Skype:  rajkamal.rao

Zoom call details will be automatically provided when an appointment is made.
Google Meet:
WhatsApp: +1.682.772.8749
Google Duo: +1.424.272.5726
YouTube Channel:
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