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Do you have an 8th - 12th grader at home? Do you feel that they can use some advice to improve their high school preparedness? Are you confused about how to plan for their college?
We hope that your child can join the hundreds of our student clients in the United States and from around the world who have won admission to top colleges and universities in the U.S.

For the Class of 2024, several clients reported getting interview calls from the very best schools, including MIT, Caltech, Yale, Columbia, CMU, Princeton, Penn, Brown, Cornell, CMU, and Johns Hopkins. Several students got confirmed admissions to Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Brown, Princeton, Rice, NYU, Vanderbilt, Wash U and CMU. A few got admissions to direct MD programs.

Many clients reported getting into some of the best public Ivys. UT Austin, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, UCLA, the University of Michigan, Purdue, the University of Virginia, and the College of William and Mary repeatedly made the list. Clients also got into Texas A&M, Arizona State, the University of Washington, the University of Pittsburgh, and Virginia Tech.

Read our open letter to parents of the high school class of 2025.

Our lead counselor is Rajkamal Rao, the founding Managing Director of the firm. We're proud to be a Google 5-Star Business, a prestigious recognition we first earned in May 2018 and continue to maintain. Check out our public reviews on Google or feel free to ask the 1,300 people who like or follow our Facebook page.

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