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Rajkamal Rao's TV Appearances
  1. Elon Musk takes over Twitter - Oct 29, 2022
  2. PM Modi's first in-person bilateral talks with President Biden - Sep 24, 2021
  3. The Election That The World Is Tracking - Nov 5, 2020

  4. All eyes on the Trump-Biden Debate - Sep 29, 2020

  5. India can fly again from May 25 - May 21, 2020

  6. Trump's visit to India - Feb 20, 2020

  7. Trump's address to the nation after Iranian strike - Jan 8, 2020

  8. Trump impeachment - Dec 18, 2019

  9. Howdy Modi event - Sep 22, 2019

  10. Howdy Modi on Times Now - Sep 21, 2019 

  11. India Development Debate - Sep 8, 2019

  12. Jet Airways - April 4, 2019

TIPP insights

About Tippinsights

Rajkamal Rao is a columnist for tippinsights, and a member and lead writer of the tippinsights Editorial Board. Tippinsights is from America's most accurate pollster, the only organization that accurately predicted the margin of victory in the last five presidential elections. The following is a list of his recent articles where he served as the only writer. His work is regularly featured on RealClearPolitics, America's largest curator of opinions, editorials, and polls.

Beto Faces An Uphill Battle In Texas
Omicron Complicates President Biden's Messaging
The J6 Commission’s Diabolic Move
Unabashed Milking Of January 6 Events For Political Gain
Biden – The President And The Statesman – Disappoints
A Flurry Of Bad News For Democrats And Their Media Allies
The RNC Is Right To Pull Out Of The Presidential Debates
Sinema and Manchin Rein In The Progressive Movement
Media Allies Set Stage For Biden's Pivot On Vaccine Mandate
Progressive Leaders Continue Losing Streak
Test-Optional Policies Are Unleashing Havoc On Students
Big Tech's Safety Pretext To Limit Speech
Respect Flight Attendants: Lift Airline Mask Mandates Now
Anti-Fossil Madness Funds Putin's Ukraine Aggression
Twiplomacy Pressures Are Driving Us To Global War
Biden Should Ask Blair, Gates, And Merkel To Negotiate With Putin
The State Department Should Rise To The Call Of The Hour
Elon Musk Could Steer Twitter To Better Days
Taking Twitter Back To Its Roots
The last step in the Supreme Court's politicization
Yellen Utters The Dreaded "S" Word: Stagflation
Viktor Orban Presses America To Lead Peace Talks With Russia
The Media's Mindless Deference To Institutions Is Dangerous
Liz Cheney, Step Down From J6 Immediately!
Are Members Of The Old Guard Sinking Biden's Presidency?
Fauci's Conflict Of Interest
President Biden Could Learn From The WTA's Resolve
Mr. Snerdley's Book Brilliantly Brings Rush Back To Life
Biden Desperately Needs A Marketing Guru
Trump Persevering To Get The Truth Out With Truth Social
Biden Lets Down Asian-American Students In The Harvard Case
Atta Boy, Joe Manchin
Clyburn's Pressure Could Force Biden To Make Another Suboptimal Choice
Liberals losing battle for American minds
Palin v. NYT - It's Time To Revisit Malice Standard
I Voted In Texas And It’s Not Jim Crow 2.0
Punish Russia, Not Russians
How Russia May Save The Biden Presidency - For Now
Mr. President, Support Labor AND Business
The Left’s Milking Of The SC Leak Is Weakening American Institutions
Biden’s Moving Goalposts Prolong Global Suffering
A North Texas School Bullying Incident Brings George Floyd Back To Life
An Eye For An Eye – The Many Facets Of The Ukraine War
Wielding The Veto Power
What Would JFK Have Done In The Russo-Ukraine War?
Recommending Oneself To College
Trump Can Still Topple J6
Mainstream Media Must Stop Acting Like Cheerleaders
In Biden's World, Midterms Trump Human Rights
China Persistently Thwarts Western Efforts To Unite Against Russia
Forgiving Student Loans And Unforgivable Policy
Did Recent SCOTUS Decisions Take The ‘Fight’ Out Of GOP Manifesto?
Another Absurd Stratagem: Price Cap On Russian Oil
Falling Stock Portfolios Add To Americans' Woes
Jake Sullivan's $600 Billion Blunder
Left’s Attempts To Thwart SCOTUS
Restore Voter Integrity – Save American Democracy
Falling Euro Points To Failing Sanctions
Senator Manchin’s Commonsensical Move Foils The Left’s Climate Agenda
Widespread Corruption in Ukraine Warrants Stricter Oversight
Sen. Manchin Saves American Corporations From Global Tax Police
Non-Dollar Trade Threatens American Dominance
Turkey, Not The U.S., Leads On Ukrainian Grain Deal
Electoral Count Act Must Bind Electors To The Popular Vote Winner
Senator Warren's Confused Economic Constructs
Et Tu, Sen. Manchin?
CPAC, Like The GOP, Is Now A Trump Show
Kansas Followed SCOTUS Direction
Failed Border Rallies The Conservatives
Taxing Corporate Revenues Is Better Than An Alternate Minimum Tax
Electrifying CPAC Crowd, Trump Remains Coy About 2024
FBI Raid On Trump Will Make Him A Martyr
Liz Cheney's Lesson: Voters Still Matter
Big Tech Owes Americans An Apology For Covid Censorship
American Political Theater Reaches Pakistan's Lows
Partisan Media Will Fail To Deliver Midterms To Democrats
Doug Mastriano, A Confederate Uniform, And The Lame Press
Does Employee Activism Spell Doom for Big Tech Innovation?

The Hindu BusinessLine

The Hindu, started as a weekly in 1878 and a daily in 1889, is widely read and trusted. With a spread of offices in major Indian cities, KSL (the parent company) publishes and distributes a number of group publications all over India and abroad. 

Rajkamal Rao's Op-Ed Page Columns (Print & Online editions)
  1. Digital India transforms daily life for the better - May 31, 2022

  2. Is the US penalising the skilled? - May 4, 2022

  3. Diplomatic failure - April 20, 2022

  4. Did the West, except Obama, misread Russia-Ukraine all along? - March 9, 2022 

  5. Embracing Telemedicine - Nov 23, 2021
  6. Did the novel coronavirus come from a lab after all? - Nov 7, 2021

  7. America mucks it up in Afghanistan - Aug 29, 2021

  8. The next global pandemic: Inflation - July 18, 2021

  9. Covid brings unlikely relief to Indian H1-B Green Card aspirants - May 30, 2021

  10. Biden’s travel ban on India beggars belief - May 6, 2021

  11. Biden’s left turn...And why the Indian diaspora is irked - Apr 8, 2021

  12. Building bipartisan support - Pressure mounts to implement Trump’s H1-B plan - Mar 9, 2021

  13. Trump isn’t likely to lie low post exit - Jan 8, 2021

  14. Why banks should retire phone-based OTPs
  15. How Democrats trumped Republicans

  16. United States of Hypocrisy - Oct 22, 2020

  17. For American voters, the choice is Black or Blue - Aug 31, 2020

  18. Kamala Harris and identity politics in the US - Aug 12, 2020

  19. How the media may have hurt Trump’s chances of re-election - July 13, 2020

  20. Work From Home may make H-1B tech visas irrelevant - June 25, 2020

  21. There’s no easy solution to America’s racial divide - June 05, 2020

  22. Coronavirus upends the American dream for Indian students and H-1Bs - May 15, 2020

  23. Why the average American was hit hard by Covid - April 25, 2020

  24. Covid-19 hurts H-1Bs - March 19, 2020

  25. The stage is set for a Biden vs. Trump show - March 11, 2020

  26. Trump’s impeachment may not stop his re-election - Dec 19, 2019

  27. How device addiction is affecting real-world productivity - Nov 19, 2019

  28. Whistleblowers’ complaints could cost Infosys dearly - Oct 25, 2019

  29. American nearshoring spells trouble for Nasscom - Oct 6, 2019 

  30. A Brain Drain Tax - Sep 5, 2019

  31. Solution to India’s economic malaise lies in cutting taxes and regulation - Aug 20, 2019

  32. Time to go on a cruise - Aug 6, 2019

  33. Green card overhaul -  July 15, 2019

  34. Tariff tantrums - June 5, 2019

  35. Green Card Blues - May 21, 2019

  36. The EU is in a complete mess - May 9, 2019

  37. Jet Airways flies into oblivion - April 18, 2019

  38. India's Acche Din (Good days) began in 1991 - April 11, 2019

  39. Let Jet Airways recover on its own - March 24, 2019

  40. Indian-American high school students continue pushing the envelope - March 12, 2019

  41. Time to upgrade internet banking - March 3, 2019

  42. Engineering education needs serious rethinking - Feb 17, 2019

  43. Welcome to another WhatsApp election - Feb 10, 2019

  44. Why the BJP is vulnerable in 2019 - Dec 2015, 2018

  45. A clever switch by the U.S. - Dec 12, 2018

  46. Hubris of global summits - Dec 05, 2018

  47. A nation divided - Nov 07, 2018

  48. It’s not India’s fault - Nov 04, 2018

  49. How Nasscom played its cards right in the US - Sep 20, 2018

  50. From New Delhi to New York, it’s hell on the streets - Aug 31, 2018

  51. We've already lost the data privacy battle - Aug 7, 2018

  52. Testing times for foreign students in the US - July 21, 2018

  53. Trump has a point about ‘rules-based’ trade - Jun 15, 2018

  54. Why rename cities? - May 28, 2018

  55. Walmart-Flipkart combine faces uphill battle - May 11, 2018

  56. Medical tourism can be the next big export earner - April 27, 2018

  57. Buy Green Card fast - April 11, 2018

  58. Deadline Raj - March 27, 2018

  59. Us in the US - March 18, 2018

  60. Indian e-commerce has a last-mile problem - Feb 25, 2018

  61. Get rid of this annual spectacle - Feb 02, 2018

  62. One year of Trump — and feeling it - Jan 26, 2018

  63. Tax corporate revenues rather than profits - Dec 31, 2017

  64. Lessons on instant justice from America - Dec 7, 2017

  65. New India is consumed by guilt - Nov 19, 2017

  66. On H-1Bs, Trump hits Indians really hard - Oct 27, 2017

  67. Modi, Trump can go together a long way - June 27, 2017

  68. Trump’s exit from Paris accord is no big deal - June 4, 2017

  69. Why aren’t we prouder of India? - May 08, 2017

  70. Trump’s new tax plan looks ‘dead on arrival’ - Apr 29, 2017

  71. US hits West Asian airlines below the belt - April 08, 2017

  72. B-1 visas are the problem, not H-1Bs - March 30, 2017

  73. IRCTC’s next-gen system is a nightmare - March 8, 2017

  74. What’s in a name? A lot, when you travel - Feb 25, 2017

  75. Selling India to Trump won’t work - Jan 22, 2017

  76. Stop transferring bank employees - Jan 11, 2017

  77. Time to get rid of the income tax - Dec 19, 2016

  78. Why globalization, as we know it, is dead - Nov 22, 2016

  79. Trump signifies hope, not pessimism - Nov 10, 2016

  80. Will Indians start buying fewer cars? - Oct 31, 2016

  81. Even in a yuck election, unfair’s unfair - Oct 19, 2016

  82. Is the RTE Act fair to private enterprise? - Sep 22, 2016

  83. Our diaspora has a lot to offer - Sep 8, 2016

  84. Trump and the crisis of jobless growth - Aug 26, 2016

  85. When things fall apart - July 18, 2016

  86. Indian banks must share digital dividend - June 29, 2016

  87. A missed opportunity - June 15, 2016

  88. Will India be stumped by Trump? - May 13, 2016

  89. Let’s not play the interest rate game - Apr 3, 2016

  90. Do political parties matter anymore? - Feb 26, 2016

  91. India's daring exceptionalism - Jan 27, 2016

  92. The RBI should relax mobile money rules - Dec 24, 2015

  93. This time, it is serious - Dec 14, 2015

  94. Where have all the good candidates gone? - Nov 20, 2015

  95. Unemployable engineers: Who’s to blame? - Nov 2, 2015

  96. Nadella is just what Microsoft needs - Sep 12, 2015

  97. US Trump card against Indian immigrants - Sep 1, 2015

  98. Fallout of a flimsy case against Wipro - July 7, 2015

  99. No one’s talking brain drain anymore - June 9, 2015

  100. Case for a uniform school-leaving exam - May 15, 2015

  101. Combating resume fraud - April 15, 2015

  102. Error Message: Access Denied - March 26, 2015

  103. Is a business school education worth it? - Feb 18, 2015

  104. Move State capitals to secondary cities - Jan 9, 2015

  105. RBI: 1 Uber: 0 - Dec 8, 2014

  106. Immigration reform is Obama’s gift to India - Nov 24, 2014

  107. The importance of doing the right thing - Nov 19, 2014

  108. Modi should woo the Republicans - Nov 14, 2014

  109. Modi missed the bus in the US - Nov 3, 2014

  110. Why US visa rules can see a flight of talent from India - Oct 28, 2014

  111. Why you need to worry about the Fed - Dec 25, 2013

  112. It’s Khobragade’s mistake - Dec 20, 2013

  113. How can “innovation capitalism” drive India’s technological and economic development? - Dec 2013 (Winning Entry in McKinsey's Global Essay Competition)

  114. Going all out for a US degree - Nov 8, 2013

  115. This is no ordinary IT slump - Oct 19, 2012

BusinessLine on Campus

From the Hindu BusinessLine comes a new web portal designed exclusively for Business schoolers and MBA aspirants.  With a rich corporate-academia-student interface, the portal features news stories and analysis from BusinessLine’s extensive network of correspondents as well as exclusive articles by senior corporate executives and HR professionals, many of whom teach at top B-schools.

Rajkamal Rao's WorldView Column  
  1. Podcasts can be a platform for civil discourse in vibrant democracies

  2. Britain’s rail strike is set to to cripple the country’s economy

  3. Is the US taking a hypocritical stand in the Russia-Ukraine war?

  4. Media cracks are ominous for Biden’s Ukraine strategy

  5. North Korea, feeling left behind, begins to rattle sabre again

  6. Crisis grips India’s neighbours — Pakistan and Sri Lanka
  7. Economic growth slumps as leadership crisis continues in Peru

  8. Crisis grips India’s neighbours — Pakistan and Sri Lanka

  9. Could President Zelensky have prevented war?

  10. Behind the scenes: How the Indian Idol top four entertain the world

  11. History is repeating itself after 100 years

  12. Freighters save the day for airlines and manufacturers

  13. Australia smashes down Djokovic’s pleas

  14. Kazakhstan unrest is a replay of the Arab Spring

  15. Crowdsourced apps ease travel hassles

  16. MH370 mystery has a bit more flying time

  17. What takes Indians like Parag Agrawal to the top of US companies?

  18. Africa is facing bigger threats than Covid
  19. Glasgow COP26 was mostly talk

  20. US lifts travel ban on India and ends the Maldives gold rush

  21. What did Modi’s visit to the White House mean?

  22. Nanometer chips, the next big global industry

  23. Muck-ups are universal and constant across the world

  24. The Taliban regain control of Afghanistan 20 years after 9/11

  25. Tunisia falls back into chaos ten years after the Arab Spring

  26. Why the US passenger train project seems to go off the rails

  27. Tennis — French Open proves unpredictable, again

  28. In a global economy, taxation goes global too

  29. Inside Africa, the unknown continent

  30. Facebook groups extend support in India’s fight against Covid

  31. Alexei Navalny, Putin’s greatest foe, and the West's favourite Russian

  32. A new way to shop in the US: Kiosks

  33. Why the US still remains the go-to place for an MS/MBA degree

  34. Is Taiwan the world's latest flashpoint for war?

  35. How streaming transformed content creation

  36. Once-in-a-century winter storm cripples Texas

  37. GameStop aside, short selling is essential to markets

  38. The world's changing alliances are head-scratching

  39. China offers a fix for battery charging in electric vehicles

  40. Starting an online small business is so much easier today

  41. Goodbye and good riddance, 2020!

  42. A big H-1B holiday gift fails in Congress

  43. Goodbye California, and hello Texas!

  44. Jet Airways’ take off may meet too many headwinds

  45. Google Photos: Another example of bait and no switch

  46. How the likes of Rajiv Maheswaran are using data to pull out winners in sport

  47. How Trump came to lose a closely fought election

  48. Trump could shock the world again with a win

  49. Unplugging from social media and TV is the way to attain ‘nirvana’

  50. SPB: Artist with an iconic stature, loved as a friend by millions

  51. Big Tech probably never dreamed it would get this big

  52. Covid-19: A lesson in humility for the human race

  53. At the US Open, bizarre rules topple top seeds

  54. WhatsApp for Business can be an indispensable tool

  55. What makes the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Oz special

  56. Israel-UAE diplomatic ties could forever change the Arab world

  57. America, thanks to identity politics, faces an identity crisis

  58. Elon Musk’s SpaceX shows how extreme science can work

  59. Do budget deficits matter any more?

  60. Indian students in the US caught in a legal battle

  61. Airline industry could be ‘covided’ for years

  62. Destroying historical monuments achieves nothing

  63. Wirecard’s case is another extreme example of corporate fraud
  64. For China, Galwan Valley is a lot more than a border skirmish

  65. Political correctness in post-Floyd era alarms free-speech advocates

  66. Race riots rock America

  67. Covid-19 reveals, again, that our leaders don’t always know all

  68. What would we do without editors? 

  69. Big Government is back

  70. US college admissions continue to become more subjective

  71. Flattening the curve doesn’t mean that the virus is conquered

  72. Covid-19: Environment: 1; Activists: 0

  73. Covid-19 is a massive failure of public health leadership

  74. Life after Covid-19 may change forever

  75. Indian American activists are pushing America to the extreme Left

  76. Covid-19: Impact on China’s manufacturing and the global supply chain

  77. Boeing 787 and Airbus 350 are great for airlines, not for passengers

  78. Automation’s threat to jobs is real

  79. Indian cricket is back to its glory days

  80. Modern India would squirm at Article 51-A

  81. Activists must rethink the climate change campaign

  82. Lost your phone? Life, as we know it, will stop

  83. Is Big Tech becoming too big?

  84. America’s trade war with China is hurting both countries

  85. Is Washington staring at a Civil War?

  86. Free speech is not free

  87. Trump at Howdy Modi: A rare partnership

  88. Britain and its failures

  89. The GRE reigns supreme

  90. Bonds and the inverted yield curve

  91. Why central banks are easing money supply

  92. Age is no barrier to sports excellence

  93. Is the world really ready for electric cars?

  94. It’s migrant labour that keeps cruise-ships afloat

  95. The mess of coalition governments

  96. Indian elections are democracy’s gold standard

  97. The SAT takes sides against meritocracy

  98. Why newspapers in the West struggle to stay afloat

  99. Venezuela teeters on the brink

  100. Brexit gets a second vote — sort of - Apr 30, 2019

  101. New York City is slowly becoming unlivable

  102. Why Rahul Gandhi’s income programme won’t work

  103. Turkey’s Cold War with the US worsens

  104. So, Trump did not collude with Russia after all 

  105. New Zealand’s actions after Christchurch are problematic

  106. A corruption scandal shakes American college admissions

  107. Brexit and the Irish backstop

  108. Socialists kill Amazon’s expansion plans in New York

  109. The end of a glorious run for the A380

  110. Trump’s chances of re-election look strong

  111. Citizenship is up for sale

  112. More American colleges go test-optional

  113. The EU’s problems seem to never end

  114. The abject failure that is General Motors

  115. The key is to keep the customer happy

  116. Social media use increases depression and loneliness

  117. How to write a winning statement of purpose

  118. Khashoggi mystery: Another geopolitical crisis in the making?

  119. Viewing the world from a Piper

  120. Why is the world moving away from globalisation?

  121. Nike’s high-risk CSR strategy may just not do it

  122. Illegal migration is tearing nations apart

  123. Serena Williams lost, and not just the US Open final

  124. Job searches are still stuck in the 1990s

  125. The Trump economy has many safeguards

  126. Studying abroad is now more business and less education

  127. Turkey’s hopeless economic war with the US

  128. Iran’s recent struggles are only likely to worsen

  129. Is a technical degree needed for IT excellence?

  130. WhatsApp’s architecture is creating headaches for Facebook

  131. Europe is on the brink

  132. Too many experts, insufficient rewards

  133. Why Nadal and Federer continue their domination

  134. Look before you post on social media

  135. Why is the rupee falling?

  136. The US made history in Israel

  137. Click-and-forget features bring AI to life

  138. When top institutions misuse their brands to make money

  139. Indian cities should exploit the municipal bond market

  140. When Indian Americans’ success hurts

  141. Ola-Uber merger: Prevent the creation of a monolith

  142. West Asia is more volatile than ever

  143. Made in China 2025: World’s largest nationalist polic

  144. India’s jobs crisis is serious

  145. Will public shootings in America ever end?

  146. Turmoil in the media industry is getting worse

  147. Indian websites must become more user-friendly

  148. Upwork, another matchmaker website, shows promise

  149. US immigration policy is a mess 

  150. Shortlist, perform, win!

  151. Want faster economic growth? Loosen regulations

  152. Lessons from a mountaineer

  153. India had a strong, but mixed 2017

  154. 2017 was full of surprises

  155. Mr Carr, IT does matter after all

  156. Corruption invokes such distaste, but should it really? 

  157. Using social media to demystify classical music

  158. Apple’s hook on tomorrow’s customers starts early

  159. Predators vs social media: the dawn of justice?

  160. Mobile applications are becoming more indispensable

  161. Closing India’s energy deficit

  162. Government schemes to create jobs may fall short

  163. India’s corporate scene is increasingly becoming Darwinian

  164. The Fed begins to correct its balance sheet

  165. Voice chat tools: double-edged swords for big telcos

  166. The Equifax breach is a warning to UIDAI

  167. How important are corporate leaders?

  168. Revelations about world languages

  169. Federer and Nadal return to dominate tennis

  170. Why Google was wrong to fire Damore

  171. Indians’ love affair with Texas

  172. Is LinkedIn’s utility waning?

  173. Protecting jobs through licensing

  174. The dumbing down of our minds

  175. Oil continues to be a boon for the Centre

  176. Is the government becoming too addicted to Aadhaar?

  177. What a dramatic fall for Snapdeal

  178. Cricket and its failings

  179. Dangers of reckless online behaviour

  180. Is investing in bad debt India’s next big industry?

  181. At what price point will people act?

  182. The DIY-types are impacting the global economy

  183. How RPAs take away BPO jobs

  184. The EU’s sigh of relief is heard around the world

  185. Are banks overusing password rules?

  186. Why May 7 could be a do-or-die day for globalisation

  187. China could lead the world in heavy industry

  188. The paradoxical job growth crisis

  189. India’s drive-time radio shows can do so much better

  190. Highway billboards are great marketing devices

  191. India unlikely to suffer from a Russia hack

  192. When privacy protection policies hurt customer service

  193. GoFundMe is a boon for people in distress

  194. The tragedy of our big cities

  195. The money-making insurance industry

  196. Medical tourism could be India’s next industry boom

  197. Fine wine and the Australian Open

  198. The sheer domination of ME3 airlines

  199. Understanding Obama’s legacy

  200. Technological advances threaten existing companies too

  201. Investing in Solar Bharat Abhiyan!

  202. There’s value in going back in time

  203. China’s new strategy: sell direct

  204. Technological advances directly threaten jobs

  205. Large Whatsapp groups hurt more than help

  206. When all airlines behave like no-frills carriers

  207. Consumer collusion is a great free-market leveller

  208. Post-Trump, international students can still plan to study in the US

  209. A guide to understanding the US election

  210. The epidemic of self-written recommendation letters

  211. When corrupt governments restrict competition

  212. Going the extra mile, successfully

  213. Are we ready to embrace surge pricing?

  214. A bold experiment in tennis streaming may help answer a vexing question

  215. Why do we still permit age discrimination?

  216. Tech advances are greatly improving lives

  217. The darker side of social media

  218. With a new visa, the US steps up efforts to poach top talent

  219. Re-Mind it! This app can dramatically improve campus communication

  220. Employers, think twice before you rescind offers! 

  221. Pokémon Go highlights video game addiction like nothing else

  222. Duplicate Olympic spirit? Easier said than done!

  223. GST may become a nightmare to implement and maintain

  224. Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo! makes little sense

  225. Automation’s impact on us is huge

  226. Broadcast neutrality — the next battle?

  227. It’s time we retired the OTP

  228. Why the Brexit vote was not a surprise

  229. Brexit vote is crucial for other reasons too

  230. Ban commission-based student recruiting

  231. India’s GDP could double in 8 years

  232. How companies and government exploit consumers

  233. Why do companies cheat?

  234. Metro rail: a crucial cog in the urban wheel

  235. Apps teach us World Geography better than any textbook

  236. Poor urban planning to blame for Bengaluru’s heat

  237. Is the end of the website era near?

  238. Taming the tax havens

  239. Trouble on the high seas

  240. Political correctness going too far?

  241. Our compulsive addiction to testing

  242. Online education makes a MOOC point

  243. Need of the hour: bankruptcy laws

  244. Indian socialism continues to trump capitalism

  245. Customer service is still the best differentiator

  246. Call the NFIR’s bluff

  247. Innovation is key to India’s future

  248. All is not well with Heathrow

  249. Place names do matter

  250. The bottom is falling for the telecom sector

  251. Indian firms’ website designs have a long way to go

  252. The changing face of engineering education

  253. Why oil has been a boon to the government

  254. Indian e-commerce:  It feels like 1999 all over again

  255. Paris climate accord is all hot air

  256. Manufacturing for India’s military holds great opportunity

  257. The brain drain problem is getting worse

  258. India can survive a Fed interest rate hike just fine

  259. Banking on student loans

  260. When will the BRIC countries create a world-class product?

  261. Acing that application essay

  262. Where customer is not king

  263. The sharing economy extends to mini-truck moving

  264. Lessons from the Volkswagen debacle

  265. Is it time to rethink tax strategies?

  266. Passport centers are world-class models of e-governance

  267. Innovation in the media industry has been highly disruptive

  268. Is too much money tainting tennis?

  269. The Internet of Things could dramatically change our lives

  270. In-flight systems beware, the future lies with Android

  271. Net neutrality is a bad idea

  272. Why Western-sounding brand names work with buyers

  273. We’re doing nothing to address gridlock

  274. Would Greece have been better off exiting the EU?

  275. India's online retail markets are near perfect

  276. How West Asian airlines leverage Moore’s Law

  277. School rankings matter less than you imagine, so think different

  278. How about a career in consulting?

  279. Manufacturing returns to the US

  280. What Federer and Nadal teach us all

  281. Why learning English is overrated

  282. How to do Europe on your own

  283. Unsung heroes too shy to sing

Quoted recently in the media:
  1. Ex-Wipro staff alleges toxic work culture

  2. Visa case: Infy gets clean chit from the US 

  3. H-1B visa issue: US begins probe of TCS, Infosys

  4. Discrimination case: US court rejects Infosys plea

  5. US gets a record 2.3 lakh H-1B visa applications

  6. Indian IT companies still cautiously watching US Immigration Bill 

  7. Not out of the woods:

  8. US shutdown brings some relief for Indian IT firms:

  9. US Bill may lose bite before final version:

  10. Infosys, Cognizant, others form lobbying consortium:

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