Summer acceleration for Math courses

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By Rajkamal Rao  

In most school districts around the country, high school Math classes are offered for six years. The traditional sequencing is Algebra I, Geometry I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics. Students can take these courses at varying degrees of difficulty: On level, Advanced/Honors, Dual Credit, Advanced Placement, or IB.

How can one fit six years of study into just four years of high school?

The easiest way is to begin high school Math courses in middle school. If a student takes Algebra I in the 7th grade, he/she will progress to Statistics by the time they get to the 12th grade.

Summer acceleration

But starting Math in the 7th grade may not always be feasible. Summer acceleration programs can help solve this problem.

We recommend that each student take Pre-Calc in the 10th grade. This will allow students to prepare better for the SAT/ACT/PSAT-11 in the summer between 10th and 11th. If students are taking AP Physics in the 11th (Physics is a requirement in most states), taking it concurrently with AP Calculus will boost student performance.

In Texas, UT High School Online offers several Math courses to take during the summer. Courses are offered on-level, honors, or even AP. The "A" designation is equivalent to the Fall term, the "B" designation is equivalent to the Spring term. So, a student wishing to accelerate through Geometry I in the summer would have to take both Honors Geometry A and Honors Geometry B.

All course enrollments include an online proctored final exam using the Proctorio service and the student's home computer. This eliminates the need for students to take final exams on-site at testing centers and results in an overall cost savings for parents. Proctorio includes an identification process, requires a webcam for video recording, and uses a lockdown browser to ensure a secure testing experience.

In general, a student taking a course and completing it at UT High School gets full course credit that can be applied to the student's GPA/Weighted Average GPA/Class Rank metrics back in the student's home school district. Frisco ISD includes the credit for class rank computation. Coppell ISD only provides on level credit even if you take an Honors class. Rules vary, so check with your counselor.

Credit By Exam. If students do not wish to sit through an entire summer course and simply wish to take an exam for credit (Credit By Exam), they can do so also at UT High School Online. In general, students not taking a course but just completing an exam cannot have their exam scores applied to their high school record for GPA/Weighted Average GPA/Class Rank credit. The course will show either as Pass/Fail or Completed, allowing the student to progress to the next higher level class in sequence.

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