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Being a parent of a high school teenager is not easy.  Children don't always come to us for advice about high school academics or college planning in part because they don't think we have kept up with all the changes in the world of higher education.

Meanwhile, with more and more students applying to top colleges in the US, it is becoming increasingly harder to get in.  And college costs continue to rise.

This is why we published two easy-to-follow video courses on Udemy which give students a leg up on all things college.  Learn what elite colleges look for and how to systematically develop a plan to help increase a student's odds of admission.  And learn about every aspect of college financial planning, including various tips to lower college costs of attendance.

The course developer is also our lead counselor, Rajkamal Rao - an expert on higher education.  A more expanded version of both courses is already live and has been offered to high school students in the State of Washington since January, 2018. 

In March 2020, his submission, "School to College," won approval from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) as an innovative course for the 2020-21 school year, valid for three years. Any school district in Texas can offer this course because it has its own PEIMS code (N1130029). [Every course taught in Texas schools must have its own unique PEIMS identifier].  For the official course page, please click here.

  1. Financial Planning for College - 2½ hours of video lessons

  2. High School to College - 2½ hours of video lessons

Both courses offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.  It's like having your own virtual private counselor at home for life because once you pay for a Udemy course the license never expires.  Udemy courses may be accessed from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop/laptop, Android app, iOS app, and Apple TV app.  Udemy courses are entirely on-demand, which means that you can enroll in the courses that interest you and learn at your own pace.

(Free preview of Lesson 6.  Total video lessons: 18)

  1. Introduction
  2. Lecture 1: College Isn't Worth It!
  3. Lecture 2: College Is Worth It
  4. Lecture 3: Introduction to Return on Investment
  5. Lecture 4: Introduction to College
  6. Lecture 5: How Colleges Work Behind The Scenes
  7. Lecture 6: Credits as Currency
  8. Lecture 7: Costs of Attendance
  9. Lecture 8: Take Dual Credits, AP or IB courses to earn college credits in high school
  10. Lecture 9: Exploit Articulation Agreements Between 2-Year and 4-Year Colleges
  11. Lecture 10: Other Ways to Lower College Costs
  12. Lecture 11: Earnings Table and ROI Modeling
  13. Lecture 12: More ROI Models
  14. Lecture 13: Applying ROI Modeling to Careers: Veterinarian and Nuclear Engineer
  15. Lecture 14: Paying for College
  16. Lecture 15: Free Money for College
  17. Lecture 16: Borrowing for College (plus a downloadable guide to FAFSA)
  18. Lecture 17: Loan Repayment Tips

Financial Planning for College, 18 video lessons, 2½ hours

(Free preview of Lesson 11.  Total video lessons: 27)

  1. Lecture 1: Introduction
  2. Lecture 2: A Vote For College
  3. Lecture 3: Introduction to College
  4. Lecture 4: Elite Colleges & Universities
  5. Lecture 5: Selectivity and Yield
  6. Lecture 6: Credit Hour Math
  7. Lecture 7: What is your brand?
  8. Lecture 8: Interest Profiler
  9. Lecture 9: Basic Career Research
  10. Lecture 10: Finding Hot Careers
  11. Lecture 11: What Colleges Look For (Click here for full preview or view below)
  12. Lecture 12: All About Grades
  13. Lecture 13: Honors and Advanced Placement Courses
  14. Lecture 14: The International Baccalaureate Program
  15. Lecture 15: All About College Prep Tests
  16. Lecture 16: All About Essays
  17. Lecture 17: Guaranteed College Admissions
  18. Lecture 18: High School Recommendations
  19. Lecture 19: Student Demonstrated Interest
  20. Lecture 20: Early Decision & Early Action
  21. Lecture 21: Extracurricular Activities and Portfolios
  22. Lecture 22: Miscellenous Factors
  23. Lecture 23: College Admission Timelines
  24. Lecture 24: College Rankings
  25. Lecture 25: Outcome Based College Selection
  26. Lecture 26: Estimating Chances of Getting In
  27. Lecture 27: Applying to Colleges

High School to College, 28 video lessons, 2½ hours

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