How to send us essays for review

By Rajkamal Rao  

File-Email-Email Collaborators

High school students already know that the most crucial subjective part of their college application is, without a doubt, the college essay.  

How to send us essays for review

Make sure you tell us whether you want a first or second pass done. Also use File-Email-Email collaborators in Google Docs or else the essay will not come into our workflow.


1. Create the document in Google Docs. The name of the document should be in the format: Elon Musk_USC Supplements. Your email address should NOT be a school email address.

2. Give editor rights to the document.

3. Include at least one parent or guardian as an additional editor.

4. Include the prompt name (for example Common App #1) as the header and type out the entire prompt. Specify the word length. Then, type out your essay underneath.
5. When sending supplemental essays for a school, place them all in the same Google Docs document. We cannot review partial supplements.
6. Select File-Email-Email collaborators in your Google document. In the comment box, indicate whether you want a first pass or second pass review done. Indicate additional notes if necessary. This will send an email with a link to all with whom the document is shared.

We cannot accept essays that do not specify a first or second pass. You MUST use File-Email-Email collaborators to send us an essay, otherwise our system ignores your submission.

We’re unable to review Word documents or .pdfs.

To make it easy for you to comply with our instructions above, we have created an easy-to-use web form which you may use as an option.


Please contact us for more information.

A Note About Rao Advisors Premium Services
Our promise is to empower you with high-quality, ethical, and free advice via this website.  But parents and students often ask us if they can engage with us for individual counseling sessions.  We offer world-class SOP and essay reviewing services for a reasonable fee, starting at $99/hour.

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