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 What do you get as part of individual counseling?

Stanford University. Image: Rao Advisors

We like to think of ourselves as the Amazon of college counseling!   We provide a full suite of services - high school course planning, college readiness, college selection, and admissions strategies, financial planning, advice for demonstrating student interest in colleges, structured essay reviews - from when your child is in the 8th grade to when the last college admissions offer is received.

We create a detailed customized roadmap for each child for all remaining high school years including structured plans for how to spend summer months, how to plan and manage extracurricular activities, when best to schedule the various tests, how to prepare for tests at the lowest cost and how to free up a student's time so that there is sufficient school-life balance. 

We provide numerous proprietary tools - weighted average GPA tracker, resume templates, SAT practice logs, 4-year roadmap, college selection using U.S. Department of Education metrics, and a detailed project plan for college admissions. Plus each family receives our popular, proprietary 230-page guide to elite college admissions which is the content source for our public appearances, book, and flagship online courses.  

Families have free access to our Popular Posts page along with regular updates about all things school and college on our Facebook page.  Our low-cost live paid webinars are also very popular. Finally, customers gain free membership into our growing WhatsApp community of over 300 parents.

Families come to us for help answering numerous questions. Here is a sample list of topics we cover during our sessions, tailored to the needs of your student.


 A Note About Rao Advisors Premium Services
Our promise is to empower you with high-quality, ethical and free advice via this website.  But parents and students often ask us if they can engage with us for individual counseling sessions. We are indebted and privileged to have earned their trust in matters which are so important to them. Please check out our public Google reviews to see what they say about us.

Individual counseling is part of the Premium Offering of Rao Advisors and involves a fee.  Please contact us for more information.




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