Exciting summer programs for High School students

By Rajkamal Rao  

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There are outstanding summer programs to keep your teenager engaged and active, while giving them an opportunity to make friends, learn, and have fun. Summer programs are also about exploration, so it is fine to have your child enroll in a program that you may consider to be outside of her interests or career goals.

Academic programs fall into two basic buckets, STEM and Liberal Arts. Below are a few good ones. Applying early is key.

Non-academic programs range from providing service to a local nursing home to volunteering for an international organization such as the Red Cross. Work or internship options are also attractive ways to keep children engaged.

Liberal Arts: Political Science, Government, or International Relations

For high school students who are interested in pursuing a political science, government, or international relations career, there are numerous opportunities. Many start off in high school clubs that culminate in inter-school competitions at the regional, state, or even national level. Other opportunities are available through essay competitions or internships.

The best ones are those that are sponsored by the government, or by organizations representing the government. It is never a good idea to pay exorbitantly for such experiences, so be wary of internships or summer sessions at elite top schools such as Stanford, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Columbia, and Brown.

STEM (and Liberal Arts)

There are numerous STEM programs that may interest your child. Many require students to have demonstrated STEM skills in school through coursework and club activities. Some are open to all students.

  1. High School Aerospace Scholars - NASA
  2. Summer Science Program
  3. US Naval Academy Summer programs
  4. USAF Summer Seminar
  5. Boston University RISE program
  6. High School Summer Science Research at Baylor
  7. Girls who code
  8. Science Internship Program at UC Santa Cruz
  9. Bank of America Student Leaders
  10. Program in Math for Young Scientists - Boston University
  11. Ross Math Program at Ohio State
  12. Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP) 
  13. National Space Club And Foundation Scholars Program - Greenbelt, Maryland
  14. High School Summer Program at MD Anderson
  15. California State Summer School for Mathematics & Science (COSMOS)

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